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27th September 2018

The power of platforms
When a platform enjoys near monopoly status on a worldwide scale, it is inevitable that regulators will pay closer attention to it. Amazon, a selling platform with billions of visitors every day, is coming under increasing scrutiny.

The Facebook advertising platform and the law
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has reported the social networking giant to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for a possible breach of equal rights legislation.

The most politically incorrect,...
Do you claim to be a master of disco dancing and a slave to fashion? If so, watch out, because you could be the next victim of the political correctness brigade who take offence where none exists.

Plain English prescribed for doctors
Doctors in the UK were advised this month to adopt a policy of writing in a way which is easier for patients to understand. This drive towards plain English is to be applauded, with caveats, and perhaps other professions should follow suit.

30th August 2018

May may be confusing
Keeping mum on personal data usage
Give me some time and I can make it rhyme
Milk and sugar?

7th August 2018

Well that's another fine mess...
Preying on your insecurities
The final breach of Terms and Conditions
Go to jail, do not pass Go

28th June 2018

Cars talking to cars, and sometimes drivers too
I can see you breathing
Look up to the skies and see
I have a meme

30th May 2018

The great GDPR kerfuffle
Angels with dirty faces
The voice of an angel
What The France?
Blame the machines
Hedgehogs, (biological, not Sonic)

27th April 2018

The ethics of search engines
The responsibilities of platforms
Reds under the bed
Using your car boot as a mailbox
Another April, another fool

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