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25th April 2019

Whatever happened to quality?
There is a well-known adage amongst programmers that there is no such thing as a bug-free program, but that doesn't mean testing is pointless. Good programmers spend at least as much time on rigorous and systematic testing as they do on design and coding. Poor programmers want to ignore the tedious testing and instead add more features.

Beware the USB-based computer killer
If you found a USB stick in the street, hopefully you would be wise enough not to plug it into your PC to see what it contained, lest it contains a virus and you have the autorun option turned on. Now there is even more reason to avoid plugging strange hardware into a valuable PC, as some sticks can fry the PC electronics.

Reverse-engineering words
It is easy to blind people with science, and in the modern age, to baffle them with buzzwords. At Skill Zone we try our best to keep jargon out of our conversations with customers, but it is an uphill battle.

The amplified whisper
Auto Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) has gone mainstream, and some are describing it as a marketing dream which will transform advertising. Others say its just whispering into the microphone.

28th March 2019

The strongest rules and the weakest enforcement
Cash sucks, but so does plastic
Raising an eyebrow at physiognomy

27th February 2019

Poking the pokemon, and other realities
Throwing money into the wishing well
Patriotic Peppa

31st January 2019

Beware of push payment fraudsters
The true cost of white collar crime
Won't someone think of the children

26th December 2018

Something in the air tonight
2018, a breakthrough year for AI

30th November 2018

Hitting the nail on the head
Abuse privacy at your own risk
You're grounded
The wood and trees of AI

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