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31st January 2019

Beware of push payment fraudsters
Yet again this month there are numerous reports in the press of people being duped out of thousands of pounds by fraudsters operating the authorised push payment scam, and yet again we have banks denying any liability for the losses.

The true cost of white collar crime
Earlier this month, British hacker Daniel Kaye was sentenced to two years and eight months after pleading guilty to computer misuse. The National Crime Agency described Kaye as "perhaps the most significant cyber criminal yet caught in the UK" and described his botnet as "one of the world's largest networks of compromised computers".

Won't someone think of the children
Age verification for accessing "adult" internet sites will become a legal requirement by Easter of this year. The change in law, originally intended for twelve months ago, was pushed back to this year, but once again, good intentions result in poor plans by law makers, and we seem no further forward than we were twenty years ago or more.

26th December 2018

Something in the air tonight
2018, a breakthrough year for AI

30th November 2018

Hitting the nail on the head
Abuse privacy at your own risk
You're grounded
The wood and trees of AI

31st October 2018

Pulling out of the postal union
The A to Z of bureaucracy
Putting the creep into creepy
Water off a duck's back

27th September 2018

The power of platforms
The Facebook advertising platform and the law
The most politically incorrect,...
Plain English prescribed for doctors

30th August 2018

May may be confusing
Keeping mum on personal data usage
Give me some time and I can make it rhyme
Milk and sugar?

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