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28th March 2018

What direction now for autonomous cars?
The recent road traffic accident in Arizona, in which a cyclist was fatally injured by a self-driving car undergoing road tests is a personal tragedy for the family involved, but also calls into question issues about the way these vehicles are being tested in public.

Building on 3D printing
Three dimensional printing might not be the home-user hit that the pundits were predicting, but it is proving to be an important technology in ways few anticipated.

Near miss for a glider
We've had plenty of drone near misses with jet airliners around the UK's airports, but the Airprox Board has this month reported a frightening near miss between drone and glider at Dunstable.

27th February 2018

Bursting the bitcoin bubble
Spotting the Spotify flaw
Chrome blocking adverts? Surely not.
Taking a longer view of images

29th January 2018

New legislation could be just the ticket
Mobile apps and the consent game
When the self-driving car is snapped by the automated speed camera
Whatever happened to live music?
First day on the job for a drone

21st December 2017

The goose is getting fat
Pesky passwords
The end is nigh for the programmer
Apps for an 'appier life

28th November 2017

Pavement Zombies
The push to plastic
Joining the dots
Life in plastic, its fantastic
The naked ape

26th October 2017

Steaming open the envelope
We all wear pants
Strike one
Creepy creativity

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