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7th August 2018

Well that's another fine mess...
July was the month when the regulators bared their teeth both in the UK and Europe, and fined the internet giants. But do these fines really make any difference to anyone except the headline writers.

Preying on your insecurities
Google, on a mission to get the whole world to use https and abandon http, has recently updated Chrome version 68 to name and shame webpages which do not use a secure certificate. It turns out that the warning is actually pretty mild, an easily-overlooked grey "Not Secure" in the address bar, although it will probably grow more prominent over the coming months.

The final breach of Terms and Conditions
Paypal recently wrote to a woman who had died of cancer, saying her death had breached the terms and conditions, and warned that it might take legal action as a result.

Go to jail, do not pass Go
Video cameras need a lot of battery power to take high definition pictures at thirty frames per second, and that means they get hot, very hot, as one miscreant found to his cost.

28th June 2018

Cars talking to cars, and sometimes drivers too
I can see you breathing
Look up to the skies and see
I have a meme

30th May 2018

The great GDPR kerfuffle
Angels with dirty faces
The voice of an angel
What The France?
Blame the machines
Hedgehogs, (biological, not Sonic)

27th April 2018

The ethics of search engines
The responsibilities of platforms
Reds under the bed
Using your car boot as a mailbox
Another April, another fool

28th March 2018

What direction now for autonomous cars?
Building on 3D printing
Near miss for a glider

27th February 2018

Bursting the bitcoin bubble
Spotting the Spotify flaw
Chrome blocking adverts? Surely not.
Taking a longer view of images

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