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31st October 2018

Pulling out of the postal union
Trump sometimes makes good points but in ham-fisted ways. One of his many recent missives, a threat to pull America out of the Universal Postal Union, is yet another case of the "Shoot first, ask questions later" style of presidency.

The A to Z of bureaucracy
Stuart Andrew MP, the defence minister since July, was shocked at the number of abbreviations used by the MOD and NATO, and has declared war on jargon and banned the use of acronyms in his office.

Putting the creep into creepy
If you think Alexa sitting in the corner of the room listening to all your conversations is the creepiest thing you can imagine, good news, computer scientists have now thought of something even creepier.

Water off a duck's back
Technology can do amazing things, but it can still learn a few things from nature. Some of our most interesting advances come about from mimicing biological designs.

27th September 2018

The power of platforms
The Facebook advertising platform and the law
The most politically incorrect,...
Plain English prescribed for doctors

30th August 2018

May may be confusing
Keeping mum on personal data usage
Give me some time and I can make it rhyme
Milk and sugar?

7th August 2018

Well that's another fine mess...
Preying on your insecurities
The final breach of Terms and Conditions
Go to jail, do not pass Go

28th June 2018

Cars talking to cars, and sometimes drivers too
I can see you breathing
Look up to the skies and see
I have a meme

30th May 2018

The great GDPR kerfuffle
Angels with dirty faces
The voice of an angel
What The France?
Blame the machines
Hedgehogs, (biological, not Sonic)

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