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28th March 2019

The strongest rules and the weakest enforcement
It is coming up to one year now since GDPR came into operation, giving the European Economic Area (EEA) the world's strongest privacy regulations. But has it helped improve our privacy, or has it just made the web experience even more cumbersome?

Cash sucks, but so does plastic
The London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has lost £120,000 to theft from its parking meters over the past year, and the tools of the trade for the thieves are a power drill and a vacuum cleaner.

Raising an eyebrow at physiognomy
The famous philosopher Aristotle claimed it was possible to infer character from features, a concept which became known as physiognomy and came to fame in the 19th century as a belief that potential criminals could be identified by facial features.

27th February 2019

Poking the pokemon, and other realities
Throwing money into the wishing well
Patriotic Peppa

31st January 2019

Beware of push payment fraudsters
The true cost of white collar crime
Won't someone think of the children

26th December 2018

Something in the air tonight
2018, a breakthrough year for AI

30th November 2018

Hitting the nail on the head
Abuse privacy at your own risk
You're grounded
The wood and trees of AI

31st October 2018

Pulling out of the postal union
The A to Z of bureaucracy
Putting the creep into creepy
Water off a duck's back

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