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30th May 2018

The great GDPR kerfuffle
The May deadline for GDPR compliance has passed, and it became obvious in the run up to that date that many businesses and organisations had left it to the very last minute to address privacy issues.

Angels with dirty faces
In a change of policy, London's police force will not be using facial recognition technology at this year's Notting Hill Carnival. Civil liberties supporters welcomed the news, but are troubled by other reports that police forces intend to dramatically increase the use of the technology over the coming months.

The voice of an angel
Automated facial recognition may be getting some bad press, but voice recognition is making headway and finding positive applications, particularly as an additional security factor in combating banking fraud.

What The France?
Domain names are a vital part of today's businesses and they are your shop window onto the world wide web. Not only do you have to defend them from competitors and scammers, you now have to defend them from governments as well.

Blame the machines
Two months ago, an Uber self-driving vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona, but the incident seems to have done little to dampen the political enthusiasm for robot cars.

Hedgehogs, (biological, not Sonic)
Hedgehogs are in trouble, and for once we can't blame the government. Numbers of our little spiny mammal are declining, and it is not exactly clear why, but the internet is helping researchers map the populations.

27th April 2018

The ethics of search engines
The responsibilities of platforms
Reds under the bed
Using your car boot as a mailbox
Another April, another fool

28th March 2018

What direction now for autonomous cars?
Building on 3D printing
Near miss for a glider

27th February 2018

Bursting the bitcoin bubble
Spotting the Spotify flaw
Chrome blocking adverts? Surely not.
Taking a longer view of images

29th January 2018

New legislation could be just the ticket
Mobile apps and the consent game
When the self-driving car is snapped by the automated speed camera
Whatever happened to live music?
First day on the job for a drone

21st December 2017

The goose is getting fat
Pesky passwords
The end is nigh for the programmer
Apps for an 'appier life

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