Blogging site for The Transformer

Joe O'Connor, a popular member of the local business community in his role as founder and CEO of Sanctuary for Veterans, required a new website to publicise his work as a mentor, inspirational teacher and personal coach.

The core of the site was going to be regular messages of inspiration and advice from Joe, so we decided to use Wordpress to build the site. This platform is ideal for a site where the main focus is on blogging, and constant updates of the content by the site owner. We found Wordpress fun to work with and Joe quickly mastered the content management tools and began producing regular blogs.

Joe had engaged an expert branding company who had provided a brief for the site, and he was pleased with our interpretation of their work and our ability to adapt the basic software to make it work as they recommended.

Thanks for all your hard work. The website is amazing.

Joe O'Connor
The Transformer

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