Internet Consultancy

Do you want your web strategy to be put together by someone who talks in buzzwords and jargon, or do you want to work with professionals who understand what businesses need and take the time to understand what you need?

Your web site is an investment of your time, your money and your effort, and like any other venture, you should expect it to show a return on that investment, you should expect value for money. And the first step to achieving that is understanding what you need.

  • If your web expert's main concern is wanting to know what colours to use on your opening screen, he's probably asking the wrong questions.

  • If your web expert immediately announces that you need lots of cool eye catching animations, Flash and the latest bleeding-edge technology, he's probably not listening to your answers.

  • If your web expert tells you he can do Java applets, XSLT, and Shocked mouseover pop-ups, he's probably not even speaking your language.

At Skill Zone, we ask questions about your business objectives, your target audiences and what you want your web site to achieve for you, we listen carefully to your answers, and we don't try to blind you with science.

Setting website objectives

Your web site should have objectives to fulfill and targets to achieve, just like any other business investment. Setting an objective such as "To have a world-beating, dynamic, interactive web site" is no objective at all, just a lot of hot air that could mean anything. Sadly, all too many businesses take that approach to the Internet, and are disenchanted with the results.

Before we start building a web site, we help you clarify your objectives and measures of success. We help you understand the potential, and the possible pitfalls, of your web site strategy. Our consulting sessions and our own extensive business experience often lead to areas our customers hadn't previously considered such as lead generation, test marketing or after-sales support.

Objectives, success factors and return on investment may be radical concepts in website developments and computer-based projects,... but they shouldn't be.

Build your website on your business model

People who sell things over the counter are now finding new ways of selling them over the net. For small mail-order companies, using the net to reach your customers is now commonplace and the "shopping cart" model is easily understood. However, for service products, selling over the net requires more imagination and software tailored to the specific needs.

Each business is different. Skill Zone consultants can help you understand how your business is different and help you find the internet solutions and marketing strategies that best meet your needs. And remember, the best solution is not necessarily the most technically complicated, nor is it the most expensive. The best solution is the one that fits your business the best.

The key to success on the net is working out what you are already good at, and using the web to do it better.

  THE RURAL ECONOMY STUDY: Skill Zone provided consultancy to The Rural Economy Survey on ways to organise questionnaires for online completion.

WESTFIELD SCHOOL: The consultation process at Westfield School identified parental consent forms as being an area where the website could play a valuable admin role.