Domain Name Services

Domain name registration can be a minefield of technicalities and bureaucracy. Our job is to keep it simple for you.

We will streamline the whole process for you. We will check the availability of your preferred name and variations on it. We will also provide advice on possible alternatives and suggest choices which may give you more options in the future. Any checks we make on your behalf will be kept completely confidential.

We have extensive experience of handling domain transfers including using eskrow services to ensure you really get the domain you are paying for. We know the pitfalls in the paperwork and will ensure that when you get a domain, it is legally yours and can be hosted where you choose.

Registering YOUR domain

Once you have chosen your domain name, we will register it in YOUR company name. This is important. It defines your company as the legal owner of the name. Some service providers register themselves as the owner of the name and, in effect, lease the name to you. If you later decide to move your site or design work to another company or hosting service, you may find you have to pay a punitive "administrative charge" to secure the rights to what you thought was your own domain name.

Confidential domain name services

If you need to secure a domain name for a future product launch, but need to keep your intentions confidential from competitors, we can quietly register your chosen domain for you but retain it in our name, acting as your agent, with no mention of your company in the domain name registry, until you are ready to go public with it.

Domain name watching services

We can arrange to monitor existing names to see if they become available, or to see if the existing owner looks like they may be willing to sell. As more top level domains such as .info become available, we can advise you on availability of alternatives.

Multiple domain names

Many companies register several variations on their company or product name. For a small monthly charge, we can arrange to have all your domain names pointing to a single website, which is much more economic and manageable than having a separate web site for each and every domain name. Your various domain names don't even have to be registered in the same country. You still have the option to split one of the domain names off to be a website in its own right at a later time if you want to.

We can even make your site show subtle variations according to which domain name the visitor is using. For example, if you want to show different contact addresses, in the UK or USA perhaps, according to whether the user is looking at a .UK or .COM address. We can make that happen for you.

Multiple year registrations

You can now register your domain name for up to ten years. By registering your domain name for the maximum term you pay today's low price and are protected from any price increase until renewal. We can do this for you, and we can also renew domains for up to ten years if you currently have a single or two year registration.

Your internet identity is one of your most valuable assets. Make sure it is handled properly.

  THE VIEWING FACILITIES ASSOCIATION: When the Viewing Facilities Association UK needed a new domain name, we researched the names available and were able to secure

WESTFIELD SCHOOL: Registering UK schools domains is a complex process. Skill Zone ensured the process went smoothly for Westfield School.