Intellectual Property

When Skill Zone creates a website for you, the copyright to the content used in your website remains your property. Publishing documents on the web does not put them into the public domain and does not transfer ownership to Skill Zone Limited.

Graphics we create for you

Any graphics we create specifically for you such as logos etc become your exclusive property and may be freely used in other applications such as business cards, headed notepaper, shop fascias, etc. Where applicable we will freely supply design notes on font families and proportions, colour schemes etc to allow you to recreate the designs at other scales. If we have high-res versions of any designs we create for you, we will also supply these free of charge.

Photography and other materials

You must own or have explicit permission to use any materials you supply to us. Any photography, artwork or other media that you supply remains your copyright, even if we have substantially modified the materials for use on the web. Where we source photography from stock libraries or from a commissioned photographer on your behalf, copyright remains with the original photographers and it is licensed for use on your specific website only. You cannot use it in other websites, in other software, or in other publications, brochures, etc, unless you pay additional licensing fees to the copyright holders.


Sometimes we need to use specialist fonts in logo design etc. If you wish to use the same font in other applications, such as on your business letters, or for posters and other publicity, you will need to have the font installed on your computer. This may require you to purchase the font. We will advise you at design time of any specialist fonts we are using and where to purchase them from. Typically a font will cost between 20 and 30 and can be downloaded from an online font store.

Databases, programming and server-side tools

Any data you supply for use within databases remains your exclusive property. Any databases we have created, such as our GeoLocations database, remains the property of Skill Zone Limited, regardless of whether or not it is used within your applications.

All of the database software we use, all server-side programming, and all content delivery systems remain the exclusive property of Skill Zone Limited. Any commissioning fees, charges made for the initial set-up and development of applications, or charges paid for customisation of programs to meet your specific needs does not transfer ownership. You may use such programs without further charge for as long as your website is hosted by Skill Zone but all server-side code remains the exclusive property of Skill Zone Limited. Access to the source code and transfer to other hosting services is prohibited.


We reserve the right to be identified as the designers and developers of the website, to insert metadata to that effect in the HTML code we publish, and to use representative screen shots of your site in our own promotional materials.