Providing YOU and your business with the website services YOU need

We are the right company to provide the website services you need because we are different from the majority of website suppliers. We are specialists. We are not a graphics agency, PR company, or branding house. They are all good things to have, but their expertise is not in websites. We have been building successful websites for more than twenty years

Designing and building your web presence

Website design is about much more than homepage graphics and picking a template. To design a good website for you, we need to understand your business and your customers. Skill Zone can help you at all levels of design: the design of logos and corporate branding, the look and feel of the website, the style of writing and the marketing messages, the menus, the forms and the presentation of data. We make sure visitors can find what they want with logical, organic navigation plans. Our build quality is second to none, using leading edge code of a very high standard.

Do your customers use mobiles?

The answer to that is yes, they do. 80% of internet users own a smartphone or tablet, and your customers expect your website to work as well on their mobile device as it does on their desktop, regardless of whether they are using an iPhone or an Android, regardless of how big or small the screen is. We design websites as a seamless experience. You don't need two versions of your website, and you don't need a mobile app. We provide a single site which works smoothly and quickly across all the common devices.

Registering and managing your domain names

Domain name registration can be a minefield of technicalities, bureaucracy, and paperwork. Our job is to keep it simple for you, to keep it secure for you, and to keep it up to date for you.

Everyone needs email

Email is a great business tool, you and your business use it everyday and it needs to be reliable, but there is no "one-side-fits-all" solution. Some people just need one or two basic mailboxes, others need cloud-based services with shared messaging and calendars, whilst some want it routing via secure services. We can help you find your way through this maze of technology and jargon.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

When you are developing your website, you also need to think about how people will find out about it, and what will motivate them to visit it. If being found in a search engine is important to you, (and for most websites that is certainly the case), then it is important that the site is designed with search engine optimisation built-in, along with any keyword and paid advertising strategies

Developing your social media strategy

With so many platforms available to publish information, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, blogs, it is easy to lose site of how these channels tie together with your website strategy. We can work with you to develop strategies, and make more effective use of your time.

Do you need specialist programming?

Websites really come into their own when they let you present your information in unique ways, or where it lets your customers interact with you in a way that a mere brochure website could never achieve. This gives you competitive advantage. Many of our most successful websites include programming and database design to meet our customers specialist requirments.

Keeping your website secure

The reason that so many websites get hacked is because the owners simply don't have the time or specialist technical skills needed for ongoing reviews of security issues, whether that is dealing with updates to secure certificates, patching bugs and vulnerabilities uncovered in packages and web server software, or changes in SPF records and IP addresses. At Skill Zone, we provide an ongoing hosting and management service to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment. We use high quality servers with fast, secure space for your website. We look after software updates and security patches, and provide comprehensive traffic reports so you can see at any time where your traffic came from, and what people are looking at.