SKILLZONE Privacy Policy

Like all commercial organisations, we have files of contacts, customers and prospects collected from various sources for the purposes of carrying out our business. All information is gained by fair means. Every effort is made to keep the information accurate and up to date and we only keep information which is relevant to the running of our business. We do not sell our contact databases to list brokers, mailing houses or other third parties.

Server Logs

All access to this web site is logged by our web server which records the date and time of access, the pages you were looking at, the browser you were using, and your IP number and hosting service. It does not log your email address and it does not directly identify you as an individual.

The information we log is used to measure site traffic, monitor overall trends and identify areas of interest. However, in the event of abuse of our web site, or cases where we detect attempts to hack into our web site, we reserve the right to use this information to contact the originating ISP and take whatever action is deemed appropriate.

Email Addresses

Where you supply us with an email address, such as to receive the information on our web hosting facilities, we use that email address only for the intended purpose of sending out the requested report, and possibly for a follow up to check if the report answered your questions. We will not add your email address to a general mailing list or send you unsolicited and untargeted mailshots. We never pass on your email address to third parties.


We do not use any tracking cookies on this website, and we do not use any equivalent tracking mechanisms such as etags. In some demonstrations we may use transient cookies to relay information between screens, not persistent cookies. Transient cookies are deleted when you close your browser. Any cookies we issue are coded as only valid within our own domain and the information in them is not disclosed to other web sites. Cookies do not contain any executable code and cannot do any damage to your computer system, or modify any of your security settings.


Parts of our sites use standard Javascript which operates within strict security limits. We do not use scripting techniques, ActiveX, etc to obtain information by covert means.

Unintentional Disclosure

If we obtain information which you did not intend to disclose, e.g. if you inadvertently send us an email you intended for someone else, if you are using a browser which includes your email address in its headers, etc, we will not use such information or distribute it, and will respect your right to privacy.


Any sub-contractors or freelancers which Skill Zone Ltd supplies to you are also required to adhere to this policy.

Compliance with the law

We are compliant with, and fully support, privacy regulations including, the Data Protection Act, the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), the Electronic Privacy in Communications (EPIC) legislation, and so on. We firmly believe people have a fundamental right to privacy. If you have any privacy concerns when using our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.