Helmets Integrated Systems Ltd

HISL produces a wide range of special purpose helmets for the emergency services, aircrews, industrial applications, motor cycling and motor sports. This site delivers technical support, press releases and product information in an attractive setting.

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Notes about the project

Helmet Integrated Systems Limited (HISL) already had excellent sets of brochures and PR material for its various ranges of Helmet products, so when it decided the time was right to have a web site, we felt it was important that the web site complemented the existing PR effort rather than competing with it, that it added to and enhanced the company's marketing, and didn't simply duplicate the materials and increase the workload burden.

Working closely with HISL's PR agency, Clifford & Ree, Skill Zone developed a web site that incorporated the strong corporate image and styling that HISL had built up over the years. We were able to use the wealth of excellent and eye-catching photographic materials to good effect on the web, and this allowed the development of a fascinating site where every graphic has relevance to the company's product range.

When HISL redesigned its brochures and image, the website was completely rebuilt to reflect to new style of presentation.

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Customer Feedback

"Skill Zone gave us just the right blend of management technical and e-marketing skills which we needed to create and develop the Helmets web site. Their support has proved invaluable."

Cliff Rowbottom
Clifford & Ree