The Association for Qualitative Research (AQR)

The Association for Qualitative Research (AQR) website was built to reflect its new image and house style, and to assist in the distribution of information to its members and in 2008 we gave it a major overhaul to refresh and revitalize the look, and ensure it was written to the highest standards of HTML for modern browsers and search engines.

Design Year


Key Features

  • Database-driven CMS
  • Over 2,000 pages of content
  • Great Search Engine Optimisation
  • Good integration across site
  • Significant office admin benefits
  • Online payments

Notes about the project

The AQR is a professional organisation which had a newly designed logo and house styles. The web site was designed to capture the spirit of the house style, and to use colours and design which reflected the values of the AQR logo. The challenge was to present a vast range of information in a fast, attractive and friendly way.

An important part of the AQR business is running events and training courses for its members and for the industry at large. The website provides a way of collating information and ensuring up to date information is always available. In the first few days after launching the site, the AQR received over 50 enquiries about its courses from web visitors.

The AQR Yearbook Directory is one of the biggest tasks that the AQR secretariat has to handle. Skill Zone built a database which is used to store the information for each of the 400+ entries in the year book. This database is used to generate the page masters for the printed copy of the year book, as well to generate pages and indexes for the web site. This allows the customer to safely make their own online updates, and also ensures consistent layout and quality standards are applied to all the entries.

The AQR also had a wealth of written information that it was not making full use of, in the form of articles, reports, statistics and so on. Skill Zone built an online extensible library which allows all of these articles to be collected, collated and presented in neat and consistent ways, thus providing an easy-to-use valuable and ever-expanding resource to the qualitative research community,

Other innovations include an extensive glossary of terms, online booking of places at training courses and events, and job advertisements, and the most recent development has been the intrduction of an individual member's database along with member profiles, crosslinks between the directory, the articles, the PRS awards and the mentoring scheme, and even integration with the annual association elections.

Customer Feedback

"Many, many thanks. I am extremely happy with it all, you have done a tremendous job.... You have made it so easy."

Rose Molloy
AQR Secretariat

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