Your Time 2 Change

The mood of this site needed to be reassuring, calm and professional to match the persona of the owner. A lot of effort went into correct image selection. We also provided a card style display of the services available to site visitors which would ensure that they would find it easy to select the help they needed, which quite often would be a combination of several therapies.

Design Year


Key Features

  • very careful navigation design based on service rather than methodologies
  • A charming and aesthetically pleasing colour scheme that reflects the site owner
  • a clever use of page structure to create maximum ranking for individual services
  • random selection of three feedback quotes generated on every page to maximise the value of the excellent recomendations the site owner receives.

Customer Feedback

"Brilliant ...I can't stop looking at it... a couple of friends have commented that is is very "calming" which is exactly the feeling I wanted."

Judi Hastings

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